Testing services (Residual solvents)

Testing services (Residual solvents)


Residual Solvents:

When doing solvent extractions (e.g. butane, ethanol, etc.) you want to be certain that all the solvent has been removed from the concentrated extract. The solvent test checks if there are any solvents remaining in the product, enabling you to ensure the purest product possible. This test is recommended for any extract that has been in contact with a solvent.

The information we give you: The residual solvent test lets you know if and how much of the extraction solvent is still present in the sample.

Why test for solvents? Is your product safe to use? This is important for recreational users and critical for people who take cannabis for medicinal reasons (as they take large quantities and their bodies are health compromised). If you are sure there are no residual solvents in your product, you know you are in possession of a pure extract.


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